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The platform is straitforward.  The platform offers you 3 options for the subscription. To participate in the Vulcans' platform you must first  register by ordering a Subscription.Your selection determines which groups you will belong to.  The Interstellar Job Poster, Vulcan Engineer or member of the council federation.

Each subscription offer features that can be used when creating your project or services. Of course you don't need to use these features but there are here if you ever need them.

Bonus Fund: This is the money you receive when you signup.

Project Commision: This is how much you will pay when your project is completed.

Charge per Project:  This is the price charged for every Post

Projects Allowed: This is the quantity of project your are able to post

Featured Project: I want my project to be listed as a featured project. Featured projects attract more, higher quality bids. They appear prominently on the home page.

Urgent Project: I want my project to be marked as an urgent project. Receive a faster response from Freelancers to get your project started within 24 hours!

Private Project: I want to hide project details from search engines and users who are not logged in. This feature is recommended for projects where confidentiality is a must.

Sealed Project: I want all the bids to be sealed so that bidders cannot see what others are bidding. Sealed Bidding may lead to lower bids for your project!

NDA Project: I want Freelancers to digitally sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before placing a bid. Freelancers agree to keep details discussed through private messages and files confidential.