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Vulcans.me is a company based in the United States composed of subscribers worldwide. Yes, we are all humans but we pride ourself in using Logic to solve the most demanding task or projects.

Vulcans.me platform  has been structured in the following:

The Galactic Job and project Poster: This group are the employers, and who wish to bring their project to life. They are seeking for the best skills that will produce the results they want in the shorter time frame at the lowest cost possible.

The Vulcan Engineers: This group are the elite coders, programmers, developers ...The construction workers who bring your idea to life. Yes, you guessed it. The engineers are individually driven by logic.

The Council United Federation:  The Elite of the Elites, Logic to the highest rank. These groups are composed of Engineers, Doctors and Scientists.
 Remember every being in the galactic has limitation to their knowledge; when an engineer doesn't know how to solve a specific task they can hire a council member who can solve it. The Logic can't be simpler than that.