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Welcome to Vulcans.me, we put Logic at work to solve human's need. The Vulcans.me platform brings job posters and Freelancers together from around the world. Each with their unique needs.

As a Job Poster: You are the employer who seeks a unique solution to your projects. For that you will be contracting expert freelancers trhough Vulcans.me platform.  In the job posting process, you will provide the details, requirements and time frame to complete the project. As a job poster, you have the option to pay the expert freelancers (Vulcan Engineers) per hour or Fixed budget.  In Addition as a job poster, you have the advantage of setting your project in bid mode. The Vulcan Engineers will be bidding on your project in reverse mode until the Lowest Price bid has been met and the listing has ended or whenever you accept the Vulcan Engineer's bid. You can also browse or search for Services that matches your need posted by the Vulcan Engineers.

Member, Engineer and Council: These two groups are the Job Seekers.  Becoming a member of the Vulcan Engineer or Council, you  will be bidding on existing projects. As your logic dictates, bidding on existing projects means you have the necessary skills and requirements to complete the project as per the guidelines in the project detail or doc provided by the employer. As a Vulcan Engineer, you will also be able to post your Services on your terms. The same logic applies; you will deliver what is promised as per your service description and details. 

Are you often needing additional help in solving a task?  If yes, then you should become member of the Council United Federation.  The feature in the Council United Federation allows you to be a job poster and developer as well. With this you have access to the elite group of elites, they will offer solutions to your specific requirements. Use this feature to ensure you will be delivering World Class Customer Satisfaction. "Suppress the emotions, use the Logic."